Gerard Roberts-Meier
Maths/Statistics Tutor and Developer


Highlights include a First in Computing from Imperial College and
6 top grade A Levels in Maths and Sciences; 4 in a single session in 1981.
In 2014, while completing a PGCE at Masters Level, I was pleased to see
I was still able to achieve top grades at A Level, 33 years later.

Gerard Roberts-Meier
Dips Math, Stat, Econ


I am currently open to new problem-solving challenges;
while tutoring A Level maths/statistics,
developing maths utilities and syllabus content,
developing school administration software,
and maintaining my courier booking system
which shows over 60,000 bookings to date.

Because I tutor A Level Maths and Statistics on a daily basis, I am currently fluent at this level. In 2017, I am an active A Level Examiner for Cambridge International Exams.

In my current/recent development and maintenance work I use JSXGraph/MathJax/JavaScript for maths utilities, Visual Studio with ASP.Net/C# for school administration, ASP.Net/VB for courier bookings, C# for tracking services, both SQL Server and Access as back-end databases, and Access/VBA for administration and reporting sub-systems.
I also continue to use Excel/VBA.

Earlier Work

Website Development (2008 to date):

I used Excel and Access to provide accounts/reconciliation and mailing services
for this same client base of charities and retailers..

Maths/IT Consultancy (1991 to 2005):

In this earlier work, broken by a return to full time-studies 2001 to 2003, I was able to use my Maths/Statistics and VB/C#/Excel/Access programming skills in conjunction. With recently refreshed skills, I would now be ready to do so once again.

From 1984 to 1991, as well as completing a part-time MBA specialising in Finance, I worked in permanent IT roles in which my maths/statistics skills were also recognised.

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Fineview Ltd.

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(UK) 0779-5345383      
6 Pinelands Close, St. John's Park, Blackheath, London SE3 7TF, United Kingdom

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